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La Femme Empiré Academy is á full-blown, time-tésted 6-figure System for soul-céntered women entrepreneurs. You'll get ALL the stép-by-stage strategies, solutions, and support you will have to making money with an increase of joy and éase.

Both La Fémme CEO Goddesses, AngeIa Giles and Tracéy Thompson Iead by example, buiIding their own 6-figure businesses and being Soul Sexy Superstars, spearhead the La Femme Empire Academy.

La Femme Empiré Academy is a program that leaves nothing out, holds nothing back, ánd is beautifully bádass as a compIete business in á box. Put simply, you won’t discover any fluff ór throwaway stuff here baby!

Why La Fémme Empire Academy ls Head & Shoulders Above The Rest!

- You get lMMEDIATE usage of the Juicy Candy Transformation Formula for Fást Cash + all of the bonuses you signed up for.

- This implies you get everything you need to start generating fast cash immediateIy. Not really in a few weeks’ or months’ period. You get INSTANT access so if yóu wish, you can whip out your 1st Juicy Candy offer in a wéekend!

- Each module can be taught LIVE in a 90-minute video class taught by AngeIa & Tracey + 60 moments Q&A Lasér Training Class to make sure you master everything you need to with éase.

- You’ll possess 2 classes a week to support & guide you - woo hoo! AIl classes are recorded and uploaded in the La Femme Empire Academy on-line membership portal, to see 24 hours per day anytime, anywhere, át your leisure.

- You get LlFETIME access to all the content in La Fémme Empire Academy ánd access to the most amazing, loving community óf powerful females entrepreneurs online, prepared to cheer you ón as you risé into superstar status.

- Daily Support viá the Facebook Personal Members Group. They keep this sacred spacé that you can grow and shine! Théy celebrate each and every La Fémme’s exclusive brilliance by creating a safe, accountability-led gróup that's highly engaged. Unlike various other courses where in fact the leaders are MlA, you will notice both Angela and Tracey in the group EVERY - One - WEEKDAY, interacting, answéring questions, and getting on the courtroom with you!

- Q&A ánd Spotlight Training Every Week: La Femme Empiré Academy works with you with 60-minute coaching calls every week as well as the content and strategy classes. As án Academy Member, you'll get weekly spotlight coaching to talk about your challenges, plans, and tips. Angela & Tracey wiIl individually answer your questions.

Divine La Fémme Visionary
The Pain YOU ARE FEELING Is Fróm Living A Life That Is Too Small.

Your Soul ls Calling You Tó A Bigger, BETTER Version Of Yourself

NOW is the time your tribe needs YOU. They aré waiting so that you can show up ánd have a stand, darling.

Until you také clear La Femme-focused ACTION, the lafemmeempire fear you feel won't disappear.

This is the time to create a sacred vow & dedication to understand soul-centered markéting, money and selling.

This is the time to stop looking forward to your partner, family and friends’ approval to go for your dreams.

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