Salvador Dali

Project Details

Date: January 2017

Category: Illustration, Vector Graphics

Technology: Adobe Illustrator

Duty: Designer


The purpose of this illustration is to dip our feet into using Adobe Illustrator. Also, to begin gauging how much work actually goes into producing a high quality piece of illustration.

Process / Skills Learned

First, I chose a photograph to convert into a vectorized image. This photograph was of Salvador Dalí.

At first, this task seemed daunting. How am I suppose to convert such a detailed photo into a vectorized piece of artwork? However, by looking at the image and separating it into broader shapes I managed to break down the work to produce a final product that looks complete. I sacrificed some level of detail but it was necessary to complete the task by the deadline, which is a skill and realization that I found to be quite important.

I learned to become adept at using the pen tool. Also, this project was where I began to fiddle around with pathfinding and inverting colours.

Final Product

Salvador Dali