Room 124

Project Details

Date: April 2017 - May 2017

Category: Storytelling

Technology: Premiere Pro

Duty: Cameraman, Actor, Video Editor


To create a 5-10 minute video. There must be a minimum of 3 scenarios that also incorporate talking. Proper use of editing cuts, transitions, and pacing are essential to this project.

Process / Skills Learned

As always, we began with ideation. The idea of our film was loosely based around the main plot of  Sphere (1998). After creating a plan for executing our idea we began filming. We learned to use the tripod properly and how to white balance the camera for filming.

We filmed an excess amount of footage to allow for more creative freedom when processing the videos. Our team learned how to effectively record audio for an interview scenario with the use of the lavalier microphone.

During editing we learned to use techniques such as J-cuts which made for effective storytelling, conveyance, and pacing of our story. Again, an overall fun and learning experience.

Final Product