Notorious Game Cover

Project Details

Date: October 2016

Category: Photo Editing, Cover Design

Technology: Adobe Photoshop

Duty: Designer


The purpose was to create a poster image of the topic of our choice. We are to display technical proficiency in using Adobe Photoshop. Utilize non-destructive methods for editing.

Process / Skills Learned

Notorious, a mock video game, is a poster that was based off of Infamous, a PlayStation 3 video game. At the beginning, I created rough sketches to bring my ideas out as fast as I could.

After choosing an idea, I took photos with my phone camera (iPhone SE) for production of the mock game cover.

I learned to do rough layer masking and clipping masks to create non-destructive edits. This project was where I first started playing around with colour correction as well. I am very proud of the page tear which I skillfully edited onto the game poster.

As an overall design piece, it taught me the basics of Photoshop as well as opening me up to trying out the various tools of Photoshop such as gradients, transparency, and selections.

Final Product

Notorious Game Cover