Project Details

Date: September 2017 - December 2017

Category: Game Design and Development, Web Development

Technology: HTML, JS, Phaser.js, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Duty: Ideation, Lead Developer


Pitch an idea for a web or mobile application that will become your main project throughout the 3rd term at BCIT. The pitch is no longer than 2 minutes. Decide your team that can be divided as designers, developers, and a project manager. You will learn both waterfall and agile development methodologies. However, you will only implement 1 of the mentioned methodologies.

Process / Skills Learned

At the very beginning, I chose an idea out of something vague yet relatable. I created a vague yet appealing idea to allow to be more receptive to creative ideas as well as make the story of the game more malleable. We decided to approach the project through agile development. Specifically, we implemented scrum and did weekly sprints of work.

I created a short story as well as a storyboard to easily see the assets and game interactions we required. Below are the storyboards that were created. Click to view enlarged image.

Week by week we created more and more visual assets. These included background images, character designs, and eventually spritesheets for character animations. Below are some of the assets created.

As for the audio assets, we worked with music enthusiasts online to add their music into the game.

By the end of the project, my team and I learned that merging together assets into the final product can be quite an enormous task. Assets had to be created to specific specifications to allow for more streamlined work. Sometimes the final product is not exactly how it's envisioned. However, we learned that details about user's attention are closely linked to timing, colours, and even sound.