IFit Login Page

Project Details

Date: January 2018 - March 2018

Category: Web Application

Technology: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Illustrator

Duty: Lead Programmer


To create an API-centric web application that is mobile and user-friendly. A minimum of 3 APIs must be implemented into the web application. The goal is to learn to read and consume APIs. A minimum of 4 tables must be included in the application's database. The topic is our choice.

Process / Skills Learned

Our idea was to create a fitness scheduling application for BCIT gym events. After drafting our idea, our team created wireframes and mockups for the web application. There are 4 main pages which include the login page, recreations page, class page, and the schedule page. Below are the pages.

The APIs that we chose to use were Google Login, which required using OAuth, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Calendar. My main duty was to implement the Google Calendar API. I learned about scopes which grant access and is disclaimed on login. I also learned to implement AJAX calls using the XMLHttpRequest object. I learned to implement GET requests for accessing data and POST requests for saving data.

I also had to integrate the YouTube and Google Maps API into our web application. I found that going through the documentation is invaluable and necessary work in making the API work. For our database, I managed at least half of it and it taught me about primary keys, foreign keys, and making specific queries such as selects, updates, and joins.