Friends Illustration


Project Details

Date: November 2017

Category: Illustration and Artistic Skill

Technology: Adobe Illustrator, Wacom Pen Tablet

Duty: Illustrator, Artist


This project requires that you take a photo image with a person that is clearly in the shot and then replicate it using Adobe Illustrator. You are only allowed to use black and white.

Process / Skills Learned

Friends Illustration
Version 1: Rough and shape-focused

Friends Revision 2
Version 2: Rough edges were attempted to be smoothed

Although this project did not teach me design directly, it did teach me nonetheless. It taught me about shades and that sometimes we often get focused way too close to details that we fail to see the bigger picture. As soon as I let go of some perfectionism and tried to focus more on how the bigger picture looked, my illustration slowly became surprisingly accurate. Utilizing brushes and the preset manager was essential in this project. All in all, it changed the way my eye looks at images. I can divide lights and darks into sections and pinpoint how much tolerance to apply to achieve the right amount of accuracy when replicating an image or section of an image.

Final Product

Friends Revision 3