Project Details

Date: March 2017 - April 2017

Category: Storytelling

Technology: After Effects, Premiere Pro

Duty: Cameraman, Actor, Video Editor


To create a 2-4 minute video utilizing natural sounds. The ideas and scenarios are completely our choice.

Process / Skills Learned

My team member created the idea for this video and was loosely based off of 'No Country for Old Men'. Specifically, the moments where Chigurh uses a type of air pressurizer to get through locked doors. Throughout filming, we learned about different camera angles to achieve certain feelings for the viewer. This included having shots from the ground as opposed to chest level or head level and this achieved a more inferior feeling when viewing this shot. We also learned to use effective panning and how to incorporate transitions smoothly and seamlessly. We learned that it is better to have an extra amount of video footage because it makes it easier during post production. Not only was this a fantastic learning experience, it was fun and a blast to create.

Final Product